My next suggestion for your #5 spot would be Gerard Butler. Among other roles, he played the Phantom in the Phanotm of the Opera...pitty his face was covered. Although he does not have the big star thing happening for him either, he is smoldering hot and worth your consideration. Once again, I won"t be offended if he doesn"t make your cut...he has been pretty busy lately fulfilling all of my fantasies! Dear Reaghan, He"s a very, very popular choice. There are several of you out there petitioning hard for the man. I haven"t seen much of his work because I slept through most of Tomb Raider: Cradle of Life and you couldn"t pay me enough to watch Phantom of the Opera. I"m telling you, I"d rather sit through a Jennifer Aniston marathon than have to endure more than a minute of that insipid Emmy Rossum. But I digress. Gerard Butler. Give me a few months, let me rent a few dvds and I"ll get back to you on this one. Deal?