Grey Goose diva night

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Laura and I headed straight for cocktails. Please. Where else to go? There was a brunette with two friends to my left. I kinda nudged her to lean forward to order drinks. Not in a rude way. Standard bar styles, right?

As she turned to shift over to make room for me I realised it was Sandra Bullock. Wasn't her best night. Natty hair, dry skin, dressed in black jeans and a black blouse, very low key, sipping a glass of white wine. Still, I wanted to hug her. She has that vibe about her.

Then we moved over the patio section. Seated in triangle formation at their own individual tables - Jennifer Aniston, Gwen Stefani, and Beyonce.

JA was with 3 girlfriends facing the entrance. Everyone could see her. And why not? She's in peak condition. The hair was working, so bright and vibrant it was lighting up her entire section. Skin flawless, big smile across her face, seemed to be in a great mood. At one point she had a moment with Gwen Stefani, they hugged and giggled before Gwen took her spot next to Gavin Rossdale with her own group which consisted mostly of an older crowd.

I'm telling you, Laura and I, we were drooling over Gwen Stefani. Love her so much. She had her hair twisted up, signature red lips, so elegant but a funky bitch at the same time, barely touched her food, tiny tiny arms. Little while later Gwen hopped over to chat with Beyonce.

Here's some insight on how B moves. She was having dinner with a couple of ladies. All the while, a massive bodyguard was hovering in the opposite corner about 10 feet away from her. Like Secret Service. Except he was wearing jeans. For 3 hrs this is what he did. The only thing he did.

B looked beautiful. Grey knit cap loosely arranged over wavy hair, fresh face, very low key. But the best...the best is when B ran into Mimi.

Mariah Carey and her husband were inside the private dining room. As she was leaving she stopped to exchange pleasantries with Beyonce. The entire restaurant suddenly had to take a smoke break to watch.

At one point both their lips were moving at the same time. And they were nodding and occasionally one would touch the other's arm, all while talking over each other. Amazing.

Even better? While this was going on, Nick Cannon was ordered to stand behind his wife, chatting with a random, waiting waiting waiting, holding on to her coat. Waiting, still waiting, for 15 minutes he’s waiting waiting waiting. Mimi smiles patronisingly at Beyonce, Beyonce earnestly continues yapping, Mimi keeps yapping, Mimi then decides it’s time to leave, and Nick helps her exit the area. She puts her coat on, she seems inordinately chatty, Laura said she was drunk, she’s stopped by this person and another person and she’s the queen now, knowing everyone is watching, and Nick’s kinda holding on to her elbow as she cheek kisses a dude who is desperate to get in there and then finally she totters past us as her security rushes through the foyer surrounding her and ushering her into the car.

We almost died when she made a point of stopping to adjust her hair just as she lifted her leg to get up into the SUV.

And then it was like the entire place deflated.

During this, Gwen Stefani remained firmly planted in her chair and didn’t so much as look up. Beyonce then sat down again and we felt as though we had lost a limb. It was time to go home. When Mimi leaves, so do we.

Here are a few photos for now. Will add more later soon as I can get my hands on them.

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