In an effort to prove that she actually does more than sunbathe and smoke cigarettes and cry with her friends and deny being engaged and breaking up with men she was never dating in the first place, Jennifer Aniston has decided to join the growing list of celebrities making headlines for charitable endeavours. Always a follower but hey – gotta give Jen some love for focusing on something other than her hair…yay Jen! First it was the 24 Hour Plays on Broadway, last week there was an ad for St Judes, and this week she hosted an event in support of a cure to fight skin disorders – photos attached. Philanthropic Jen is so much better than Jen who walks around LAX with a 10 person swat team after inviting the paparazzi, don’t you think? PS. For all of you Aniston fans who want to get behind her efforts, the 24 Hour Plays benefited Working Playground “a not-for-profit cultural organization that uses the arts to educate, inspire, and enrich the lives of youth in over 40 underserved New York City schools.” Click here to check out the online auction. Source