First glimpse of my best friend and her baby boy this weekend in front of an entire village of pappies, ensuring that everyone got the same photo and, more importantly, that the bounty on her son"s head was immediately rendered obsolete. So what"s the big deal about the name? Because let"s be honest: All of you who hate the girl would have blasted her for ANY name she settled on. For the record, I think it"s a lovely name. Would I call my own son Moses? No. But then again, she wouldn’t call her daughter Elzbieta either which, incidentally, is the new name I"ve settled on if I ever decide to thaw out my womb. My husband seems to think this will happen next year. I keeping telling him he"s had the misfortune of marrying a Chinese Jennifer Aniston and if he asked Angelina Jolie to help spread his seed, I would totally understand. But I digress. The point is Elzbieta - pronounced Elzh/bee/etta (merge the syllables together very quickly and you"ll get the idea) - is a traditional Polish name, which happens to be my fellow"s motherland, and even though YOU might look at it and say "that name sounds like ass" I think it"s personal and beautiful and significant and multi-layered. Which is how I feel about Moses. Then again, being Asian, my tolerance for names probably borders on super lenient. After all, the direct phonetic translation of my father"s from Cantonese happens to be Mr. Lui Fuk-lit. Now say that 5 times fast and see what happens. So compared to that, isn"t Moses Martin rather mundane?