If you’ve read the gossip guide, you should already be well informed about my feelings on Julia Roberts. Can’t stand the goose honkin’ bitch. And yet she’s irresistible sometimes, non? When she smiles, she truly lights up the screen. And I find myself constantly fighting an inner battle to remember what a cow she really is. No wonder she gets paid a gazillion dollars for crap ass movies. Even a seasoned smutter like me finds it hard not to be drawn in to her appeal. Take a look at this photo from Monday night at the Critics’ Choice event while presenting to George Clooney. Doesn’t she look genuinely pleased to be there? Doesn’t she look like your best friend? Now that’s some diabolical sh*t my friends. There’s no denying it. Much as I hate her, Julia Roberts can create celluloid magic. Jennifer Aniston??? Ummmm..not so much.