So it’s either good news or bad news. The good news would be that Jen and Vince are pregnant, that the little bulge inside Jen’s little belly is actually the beginning of their Shiloh counterattack – a delusional attempt to usurp the Olympian superiority of Hollywood’s ultimate golden child. For her sake, I hope that’s the case. Because if she isn’t carrying and if there really is nothing going on in there, the town’s most notorious starvation sister is going to be sucking lemon for the next 3 weeks to get rid of the teensy tiny amount of bloat/weight/normal healthiness that seems to have taken residence around her midsection. And while I don’t know for sure, I really don’t think she’s pregnant. Which means the poor thing must have drowned herself in carbohydrates following the Arrival of the Chosen One. But nothing a little bout of anorexia won’t cure, right? Oh and don"t forget the ciggies - always a great appetite suppressant. In her defence, as a smoker, you can"t not smoke in Paris. And definitely not along the Seine. These were taken on Saturday. Thanks to Shann for the pics.