You think he was easing her in to the experience?

John Mayer returned to Miami to join Jennifer Aniston this weekend by the pool. Where else would she be???

Again, the paps were able to grab some amazing photos of the two… much to the chagrin of her hardworking bodyguards, who’ve supposedly been charged with guarding her privacy.

And still… the photos just won’t stop. Her security should be fired, non? Thankfully for us, they’re incompetent, which is why we get to enjoy these killer “candids” of the two lounging around clearly intoxicated by love’s first bloom.

There’s Jen kissing John’s arm in the water, there he is whispering dirty suggestions in her ear, see Jen giggling in agreement, of course a great shot of her great ass, and throwing up a silent prayer to the ocean that this one will work out.

It is indeed a perfect match.

He’s found someone desperate enough to tolerate his egomaniacal ramblings and it’s an ego boost for her too. A man 10 years her junior to celebrate the year before she turns 40 – listen to the hooping and hollering from the Oprah Winfrey audience, all of them snapping their fingers in unison: you go girl!

Yes girl… you go. Especially since he is younger, she can keep putting off that pregnancy thing. It’s a built in excuse not to have them – an excuse the MiniVan Majority would prefer over not wanting to get fat which is what she’s really afraid of, after all.

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