Every time George Clooney makes a movie these days it’s considered an Oscar contender. Who wouldn’t want in on some of that action? Is that why Justin Theroux signed with CAA? His fiancée can help with that too. So while Brange is off with their nanny militia over in the Caribbean, the child-free celebrity circuit is counting down to 2013 on the other side -- she and Justin apparently had dinner with George and Stacy Keibler in Cabo the other night. This is great, right? That Justin Theroux’s equivalent in this equation is Stacy Keibler? If only George would make it conditional on Justin investing in a proper pair of beach shorts. I mean at this point they have to be pretty sweaty, right? Unless he sends them to the wash every night. But even still, badass, denim should not be laundered so frequently. I really do enjoy his commitment to staying flexed. Paparazzi awareness is a very good attribute.