Photographer Terry Richardson was with Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux out in New York. They agreed to let him shoot. He produced a very intimate photo of the new couple. I mean, this is a NEW couple. They juuuuust happened. A brand new couple with one very, very famous half. And already...she’s allowing portraits? As you know from her days with Brad Pitt, Jen is really good at looking like she’s in love, even when things behind the scenes aren’t so bright. Not that things with Justin aren’t so bright now; I’m sure it’s fine, it’s early, and besides, so far it’s mutually beneficial anyway, professionally I mean. Suddenly Justin Theroux, boyfriend of Jennifer Aniston, is a household name.

Click here to see the pictures. There are two of them.

See? It’s a talent for her. It’s a skill she can now recycle. You all seemed to enjoy the Gossip Nostalgia from the other day. Am attaching some more – examples of Jen beaming for joy and happiness back with Brad, just like she’s doing in these shots with Justin, totally oblivious to the reports about her homewrecking Justin’s situation with his ex-long time girlfriend Heidi Bivens. As I said last week, I don’t actually buy this. I don’t buy that she made him leave her. Having said that, I wonder how she’s going to manage this new...”image”. Not so fluffy and clean anymore. Will she fight it with her girl-next-door irresistible smile? Or... is it a deliberate ploy as a gradual modification from what she’s always been afraid to break out of. Introducing Jen the “bad girl”?

Very interesting time for her right now. Let’s see how she plays this.

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