It’s an annual tradition: Jennifer Aniston and her friends hop a private jet to Cabo where they welcome the new year in bikinis. Actually, everyone else is in traditional swimwear but Justin Theroux prefers black cut-off jeans.

This time there’s no John Krasinski or Emily Blunt, who is pregnant. Courteney Cox, however, is back. It’s been a while. Jimmy Kimmel also returns. And Howard Stern came along too. Does he bother asking Jen to come on his show? Or does he know she couldn’t because he’d have to ask her about sex and positions with Brad Pitt and all her past lovers and whether or not she hatemails Angelina Jolie and she can’t go there? I’d love her to go there. More than that though I’d love for her to tell us, once and for all, to stop waiting for her to get pregnant because that’s not what she wants.

So we end 2013 the way we began:

Another year and Jennifer Aniston is not having a baby.

Yet? Or ever?