Page Six reports that Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux are collaborating on a short film instead of a baby. They’re supposedly satirising the gossip industry’s fixation on their relationship - one minute she’s pregnant, the next they’ve broken up. Apparently they’re writing and directing it together because they are super clever as a couple. Like Will Ferrell and Adam McKay, only it’s not really for the sake of the art since instead of posting their finished product on a website dedicated to comedy, it’s to be an ad for Smartwater. Well sh-t, I can’t wait. I can’t wait to be told why I should buy the product being sold to me by someone who was only hired to sell it to me because she’s a constant tabloid presence while she’s bemoaning the fact that she’s a constant tabloid presence. Awesome.

Then I started thinking about what would be an effective Jennifer Aniston commercial. Or the Jennifer Aniston commercial idea that would generate the most money. Can you imagine the mega, mega, MEGA millions she and Angelina Jolie would get paid if they agreed to appear together in an advertisement? Let’s say some gaming company or whatever offered to donate $20 million - or some other crazy amount - to each of their charities of choice with a matching personal bonus for both for an ad to air during the Super Bowl. I mean, they’d have to at least consider it, right?

Here’s Jen last night at the Shirley MacLaine AFI tribute. I hate this white dress. I would hate it in black too. Makes her look old and not very imaginative. Think Catherine Zeta-Jones. Or Heather Graham.