My favourite story of the day – whether it’s grunting and sweating on the beach, or doing yoga on the beach, or showing off his greasy monkey chest wherever he goes, Matthew McConaughey is endlessly amusing. Currently promoting his new movie We Are Marshall, Matthew is doing press and talking Lance (he admires him for his work fundraising for cancer research) and Penelope (they’re still on good terms, he thinks she should be nominated for Oscar) and his body. Of course his body. Any chance to showcase his body! The best line? "I haven"t been in a gym in years, but I"m in shape. I either run, dance, ride the bike or swim every day. Physically, spiritually and mentally, I try to keep in shape. I feel better and have better energy. I try to eat right." How many guys would readily admit to “dancing” as a regular part of their fitness routine? Especially when the moves are as poorly executed as his? Kills me… And then his dating style: "I think you"d just tell each other what you really dig about each other. You might call you mother and then swing by your brother"s house and then go home and do a little cooking. And you"d really respect the person you were with." So Zen, so yoga, such healthy communicatin…I’m telling you – Aniston and McConaughey together forever. Here he is at the premiere last night trying to go Gabriel Aubrey. Please. Source