Some taboid reported the bogus story a few weeks ago - that Jennifer Aniston had expressed interest in Matthew McConaughey. No one bought it at the time but when you think about it...actually, when you look at it, it wouldn"t be a bad match, non?"s a match. He"s so orange he"s practically purple (do you remember that line from Bridget Jones when her parents got back together? Hee...) and she of course can"t get enough of the fake Malibu sun, he"s fond of yogafying on camera at the beach, she"s fond of yogafying on a lemon diet, both talk spiritual jibberish non-stop, both are revered by MiniVan Majority... I"m telling you - Matthew and Jen: Oprah"s Prom King & Queen. So screw my Vartan suggestion from earlier? To tell you the truth, he bores me more than she does. Apparently it IS possible. Source