Nope. She gets her friends to do it for her. So Jennifer Aniston and her Friends with Money co-stars were the on The Today Show promoting their new movie with reporter Jill Rappaport. At one point, Jill asks her about the $8 million wedding rumours at Oprah’s house blah blah blah. Instead of speaking up for herself and saying “I don’t want to discuss my personal life” like any self respecting NON VICTIM, Jen sat mute while Catherine Keener quickly came to her defense. It was an awkward moment and at the end of the day, what I took away from the episode was that Catherine Keener is clearly Jennifer"s butch. Who needs Friends with Money when you have Friends who Defend? As for what"s really behind the wedding rumours - I"m hearing it"s bullsh*t. But I"m also hoping it happens. Because if that "happy" loving hypocrite really puts on yet another in-your-face ceremony, it will send even the most diehard delusional Anison fans onto the hate side. Career suicide indeed. Thanks to Daisy Girl for the link to the video.