Speaking of high maintenance, Jen’s Vogue interview is starting to make its way across the web and so we’ve been treated to yet another round of Aniston’s cerebral musings. When asked to comment on the colossal box office failure that was Rumour Has It, your favourite victim replied with the following: “The worst experience of my life, the worst experience, the worst film. It sounded like a great idea, an interesting backdrop for a romantic comedy. But it was never fleshed out, never fully realized. And for me personally, I was going through a horrible time. I wasn"t at my best as an actor. I was unmotivated by it. Why talk about it? We can let that little train go by." 

Funny that. I seem to recall Nicole Kidman giving the best performance of her life in a movie called The Hours, filmed just after her headline making split with Tom Cruise. Oh but wait. Nicole, despite freezing her entire head, can actually act. As for my weekly Aniston put down? Nah...I’m not going to address this issue much further. Especially since Perez and MK at Dlisted have done such a fine job of it already. Check out their hilarious criticisms here and here. Pity party forever, y’all. Pity party forever.