I trash people all the time for wearing the same thing, the same black dress, over and over again. Because on Jennifer Aniston, it’s just plain boring. There are, of course, exceptions to every rule. And constant black on Sofia Coppola is actually pure gorgessity. There’s something so enigmatic, so tasteful, so inherently elegant about Sofia that black just works, even if you think she looks the same all the time. Here she is at yesterday’s screening of Almodovar’s latest called Volver starring – who else? – Pene Cruz. If you ask me, Sofia doesn’t look pregnant at all. Continental rumours a few weeks ago suggested that some French musician got her knocked up and while I’m not up on the latest in French gossipmongering, I don’t see anything in there resembling enceinte. Then again, with black, it’s always so hard to tell… She does have a certain glow though. A fullness I haven’t seen from her before. So what do you think, gossips? Sofia Coppola is Hollywood royalty. Has she produced an heir?