I know the feeling. Our car broke down the other day when we were coming home from Tofino. Jacek remarked that I was surprisingly calm in comparison to what happens when I don't have wireless -- I turn into a mega c-nt, even more so than usual. Sh-tty wireless makes me crazy. And I'm now en route to LA to stay at a hotel that is notorious for its sh-tty wireless. Why does sh-tty wireless even exist in major cities anymore? This is a first world problem, I know. But when you run an online business, it's like a restaurant with a busted oven -- total disaster.

So here's Jennifer Aniston in an ad for a UK internet service, jacked up on caffeine in a coffee shoppe because, supposedly, she can't get her online fix at home. Hard to believe, obviously, since someone like Jen A would have at least 10 other options before she'd have to hit up a Starbucks but still...I understand the spirit behind it. Also she looks great in those black pants there at the end when she's walking away.

As you know, Jen and Justin Theroux have been on holiday in Cabo with Emily Blunt, John Krasinski, and Jimmy Kimmel. They left yesterday back to LA. I like her whites. As for Emily -- she's up for a Golden Globe next Sunday. She likely won't win, but it adds to what will be a very, very stacked carpet.