Ok so here"s the thing. I think this is a lovely, sexy, exciting dress. Black, yes. But it is original and interesting and I really, really wish she could have worked it. Because - aside from the fact that the sun damage is getting kind of alarming - Jennifer Aniston looks nice. And when I say nice, I mean "good enough". I do not mean fabulous. Fabulous would have happened if she actually OWNED the dress. The way this dress deserves to be OWNED. I"m talking good posture, some red carpet flair, some attitude, some sass…anything but the "Gawd - I wish I didn"t have to be here" vibe she oozes every time she has to do something as distasteful as promoting her own movie. And this is what irks me the most about Jennifer Aniston. Unlike Sarah Jessica Parker who pants like an eager puppy to get your approval - please please pick me!! Pick me!! - JenJen goes about it in that "I"m famous but I really don’t want to be and this is just my J-O-B" way which is actually even MORE irritating than SJP"s mysterious 40 year old baby talk. Instead of hiding her naked ambition behind the guise of false modesty and fraud sheepishness - hello Aniston? - Sarah wants it, she wants it bad, and she"s not afraid to show it. So yeah, in the hiarchary of least annoying, delusional tv girls trying to go big screen, I"d have to say I"d take Sarah Jessica Parker over Jennifer Aniston. And Jennifer Aniston over Debra Messing. And ALL of them over Sarah Michelle Gellar. Because it just doesn"t get any worse than that little snotty bitch, does it?