Many of you have emailed me today, some euphoric and others incredulous, over the fact that Jennifer Aniston has been asked by the Academy to present at the Oscars on March 5th. Your comments ranged from “you’re wrong Lainey, she’s a true movie star and not just a tv actress!” to “what the f&ck were they thinking asking her to come???” Needless to say, I felt compelled to add my own smutty voice to all of yours. I think it’s wonderful that Jennypoo has been invited to the big show. I think it’s marvelous that she’ll be given yet another opportunity to put on a boring dress and pretend she doesn’t care about fashion. I also think it’s very kind that the Academy has tossed her their very own pity bone, knowing that she’ll never get the chance to DESERVINGLY show up anyway. So let’s not be so uncharitable to Ms. Aniston. The next best thing to getting nominated for an Oscar is actually getting invited to present one. And for someone with such limited abilities, I’d say she’s done the most she can. It’s a wonderful example for all of us. Try your best, even if you know you’re not the best, and you’ll get the best you can ever hope for, while the real best walk away with an Oscar.