Shannon F wrote to me last week with an interesting theory: Jennifer Aniston and Sheryl Crow lesbians? I told her she was out of her tree, but still…wouldn’t that be fun? And hot? Especially since they’re curiously starting to resemble each other? Celebrating Jen’s birthday the other day at Nobu in Malibu…where else? Because where else would the ultra-private, down to earth, unassuming Jennifer Aniston choose to live? As for that New Nose…I think I like the old one better. Is it just me or does this one make her face look even longer, the chin even more pronounced? Oh...and where was Courteney Cox? Has Courteney replaced Jen with a new Blackberry? Dirt must be keeping her busy these days. Producing AND acting AND making sure her co-stars are taken care of AND of course being a full time mother - it"s a full schedule, though I"m SURE she made it up to her BFF somehow... Source