It"s not that I object to the colour of her dress overall. I"m just saying it"s a little tiresome to see this girl walk the carpet in every shade of the rainbow at each subsequent awards show. Last time it was orange, before that it was emerald green, before that it was probably red. Which is why I would love to see Marcia Cross in black. Black, sleek, simple, with her gorgeous auburn locks cascading down her back - THAT"s what would set the carpet on fire. On a side note, I think I"ve made some progress in talking my stylist into giving me a "body wave." I"m told I shouldn"t call it a "perm" anymore. I begged her, she is thinking about it, and she says it"s entirely possible to have Marcia/Aniston hair if the right rollers and the right solution is applied. Now I just have to find a way to do it without my girlfriends finding out. Because they would most certainly sabotage the endeavour. I"ll keep you posted.