originally insisted for the benefit of the MiniVan that its poster girl Jennifer Aniston was determined to keep her relationship with John Mayer private and, as such, went to great measures to avoid being photographed with him in London.


I called her subtle earlier.

Not so much.

It’s amazing, non? That someone who tries to keep it so “low key”, as People has reiterated time again, would be in such a perfect position to offer the paps such attractive, not to mention suggestive, photos of her huddled in car with her younger beau?

Most celebrity couples, if they don’t want to give up the shot, will sit as far apart away from each other as possible in a car. Jennifer clearly subscribes to this doctrine, as illustrated by the fact that she’s practically straddling John in the backseat.

Having said that, to answer your emails about whether or not this romance is legit… I think it’s legit. I think they’re having mindblowing, piss-drenching sex. And one more thing:

Sex sells.

Unfortunately for Jennifer Aniston, babies and twins sell even more.

PS. Her black waistcoat is gorgeous, non?

Source Daily Mail