Was it the leather pants in France? Is this what finally convinced Jennifer Aniston to give Adrien Brody a chance?


You must remember this from Cannes 2010. Adrien Brody in a brown baggy suit, all animal, yacht hopping during the festival like he’s the one who’s been giving Jay-Z his cool points.


SO obvious.

Why hadn’t we thought of this sooner?

Jennifer Aniston and Adrien Brody.

It’s perfect.

He’s a douche. And she loves douches. It’s exactly what I wanted for Christmas and New Year’s. And while, um, the story does originate at The National Enquirer – they say that Jen and Adrien were at a Christmas party and kept groping each other and that they’re a couple fo’ sho – I approach this with equal amounts salt and hope. Jen and Adrien are believable. Very, very believable. And very, very usable.

Jen’s next film Just Go With It, alongside Adam Sandler, opens in February.

Here’s what a roll-out (for the movie and the relationship) might look like:

  • Aniston and Sandler present at an awards show (perhaps the Globes) to kick off promotion for Just Go With It. The Brange is there too. They successfully avoid each other and she’s “seen” with Brody at an afterparty by a People Magazine “exclusive source”. No photos yet.

  • Two days later, Jen and Adrien go out for dinner at the Sunset Tower. One blurry (but you know it’s them) shot of them leaving the restaurant makes headline news. 3 out of 6 tabloids put her new romance on their covers.

  • The next weekend, Jen hits up Mexico for a quick tanning trip before heavy travel begins on the Just Go With It press tour. Long lens paps shoot her and Adrien embracing on the patio of her resort. Her ass is primes. His abs are tight.

  • Brody is seen sneaking into the LA premiere of Just Go With It.

  • Just Go With It opens. Solid numbers.

  • Both Jen and Adrien are invited to present at the Oscars on February 27th. They arrive separately at the Kodak, but show up at the Vanity Fair afterparty together holding hands. No one cares the next morning who won or lost. It’s all Jen’s New Love all over.

  • Adrien books a new movie.

Let’s see how this plays out.

File photos from Wenn.com