The Bounty Hunter must be really sh-t. Because Jennifer Aniston is pulling out all the tricks. One trick in particular. I don’t think I’ve ever seen her in a shorter dress. This is not a bend over dress. This isn’t even a take wide steps dress. Yeah, Jen’s bringing out the hoo-hoo so you’ll go see her new movie.

Here they are, Aniston and Spittle, in London at the UK premiere getting loved up on the carpet. Please. Scroll through these photos. This is not the body language of two people who f-ck on the regular. This is however the body language of two people who want you to think they f-ck on the regular. What do they actually do together? Probably smoke dope. Or maybe some happy. Depends on the mood.

Back to Jen’s hoo-hoo...

She really does have a sick body. Sick. And she needs it. She needs it to keep working for her. Because The Bounty Hunter must win. Jennifer Aniston has to open big. Sure she has A List recognition, but she can’t carry on her own. Which is why the hoo is joining the nips. Judging from the trailer, this Bounty bitch will be a tough sell.

Photos from and Dave Hogan/