Jen’s night shoe problem

Lainey Posted by Lainey at March 30, 2010 06:56:59 March 30, 2010 06:56:59

This Bounty Hunter press tour looks like it’s taking a toll on Gerry B. Spittle looks tired, is fading. His co-star and possible Settling Soulmate, however, as Tina Fey might say, is holding up beautifully. Here are Jen and Gerry last night in Berlin for the red carpet and again this afternoon, turning up in Madrid on this seemingly interminable media run.

Not really feeling Jen’s night look. And she has a night shoe problem too. Yesterday the problem spilled out during daytime – see here for a refresher. They are always strappy for bridesmaids...why? This time with a sparkly nude short Valentino, it’s no exception. Hate. And again, for the second evening in a row, it’s unflattering. From some angles she actually looks like she has a belly pouch.

STOP. Right there. Stop with your BumpWatch silliness. First of all it’s boring. Second it’s ridiculous. Jennifer Aniston does not have a bump. What she has is a poor choice. Because as you can see today, in Spain, in a tight white sheath, there is no bump. There is only fit. A much better one. And a solid pair of heels too. She glows. One of her best showings on this whirlwind.

Spittle meanwhile needs a jolt. Of something. Forced to be on his best behaviour for days, to put his douche on hold, he hasn’t slathered himself all over a random in much too long... Gerry’s itching to go home.

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