We’ve been calling for it, waiting for it…

And now it comes.

Jennifer Aniston was hit hard last week. Magazine covers calling her pathetic, Bradley Cooper calling her “not natural”, Renee Zellweger trumping her ass in the battle for Hollywood’s summer box office sensation.

And then Brad Pitt wins at the box office.

So you knew come Monday she’d have to find away to matter again.

And here it is, posted at prime web time 10:15am EST, an article on People.com, of course!, about Jen and Gerry Butler holding hands on Saturday night at The Jane Hotel, enjoying cocktails after dinner.

By the way, you know Gerry’s next movie The Gamer is due out on September 4th, right?

Just making sure.

Predicting Jennifer Aniston is so much easier than playing poker.

Photos from Jackson Lee/Splashnewsonline.com