This is how she’s selling her movie.

It’s Jennifer Aniston looking amazing last night at the LA premiere of Marley & Me in perhaps one of the shortest dresses she’s ever worn, showing off those legs, that crazy body, hair blown out to perfection, arms wrapped reassuringly around a fragile Owen Wilson, not posing with her douchey boyfriend John Mayer, but summoning him there anyway to make sure you know he’s her douchey boyfriend.


Is that what we’re doing now?

Like the Taupes? And Gwyneth and Chris? No red carpet togetherness just to make a point?

What’s the point? That’s what he’s there for, non?

Still, it was an enthusiastic evening and Jen put in an enthusiastic effort. So did John actually. They both worked hard last night. She was gracious with the fans, he was obliging with the press, because John Mayer can never resist a camera and a microphone, offering usable soundbite after usable soundbite, sure to make the rounds of all morning shows and entertainment news programmes tonight…

You know, for weeks gossips have been buzzing that this relationship is no more than an agency arrangement – thank you CAA – leveraging his future in television in exchange for promoting her films and highlighting her “fabulousness and 40”. Though I’m a cynical bitch, I wasn’t buying it til last night. Last night it looked more professional than personal. Not unlike Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban.

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