The scheming scared him off… as expected.

LA started buzzing yesterday that Jennifer Aniston and John Mayer had both been in town at the same time and were not spotted together, not once. By late afternoon, everyone seemed convinced that it was done and paps who’ve been fortuitously in the right place at the right time during the course of their romance have also checked in to say the tips have suddenly stopped. This just only a week after OK! Magazine reported that Jen was planning an autumn wedding – a story they most assuredly did not come up with by themselves.

Poor Jen.

Yet another media play gone awry, yet another publicity stunt wreaking havoc in her personal life. Vince Vaughn was said to have tired of her incessant need to keep up with the Pitts. This time, it appears an aggressive marriage move may have spooked the neurotic younger man with a preference for piss and an aversion to commitment.

Once again, John Mayer proves he is as weak as he is limp.

But the good news? Jen’s body is fitter and hotter than ever. And what could be more important? Heartache has actually always looked great on her. It’s easy not to eat in between boyfriends, non? Check her out yesterday showing it off in shorts and wedges while dropping off her dogs. Amazing legs.

As for whether or not this split will be permanent – most seem convinced John will come back for one last stab, as he usually does. Needless to say, she’ll have the magazines on speed dial when it happens.

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