It was a week that started low, continued to build, and ended on several high notes. Well done, Huvane. He turned his sh-t around, well done indeed.

Because gone is the memory of Jennifer Aniston degrading herself at The Ivy, replaced by Jennifer Aniston’s tight ass body on 30 Rock, clad in skin-baring outfits in every scene, returning to Must See TV, and finally coming home, proving that her place, always and forever, will not be at the movies comfortable ensconced on the couch on the small screen. This is why she should stop overreaching.

There is no shame in being a TV Girl. Television is not what it once was!

And Jennifer capped off a triumphant week – a week that saw her dominate headlines, magazine covers, the Mighty Opey’s stage, and NBC – with a paparazzi party last night in New York alongside her born again boyfriend John Mayer who, largely because she has publicly stepped out in his defence, has now been rehabilitated in the eyes of the MiniVan Majority.

Amazing, non?

Womanising limpdick humiliates her at impromptu press conference and online but one soothing word to her masses and they follow like lambs: if Jennifer Aniston loves him, he must be lovable. All is forgiven. Yay for douchebags!

No doubt. She flexed her media muscles this week. And her power was impressive. Lingering effects from those hormones perhaps.

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