You have to applaud her effort, non? She is waging a war she can’t win but still she won’t give up.

As you know, Angelina Jolie confirmed yesterday that she is indeed expecting two royal arrivals. Needless to say, as is the case with any headline related to the Pitts, it was the biggest news in gossip leaving every other story, including Jennifer Aniston’s romance with John Mayer, in the dust.

But wouldn’t you know… Jen travelled with John from Florida back to New York. And last night the ultra private couple decided to have dinner at the Waverly. Because no one goes to the Waverly. Because the paps are NEVER, ever parked at the Waverly.

Bitch… please!

If you hate getting papped, why hang out at a pap haven? Is there nowhere else to eat in NYC? Just asking…

Having said that, you have to admire her tenacity. Like my beagle Marcus when he’s on a scent but tied to his leash. I won’t let him go but he will keep trying anyway. Similarly Jen is taking on the Second and the Third Coming - an impossible feat.

Still...Jennifer’s pluck, no matter how futile, is actually rather sweet. So reward her, will you? By caring today for a few minutes about their Waverly sighting last night. That is until Angie and Brad storm the carpet at Cannes tonight. And then there will be no one else.

Gotta run to the press conference now. Be back soon with observations.

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