It is always, always a good day in gossip when you can post Brange and Aniston articles back to back. Internet traffic is going up everywhere. Trust.

So Chelsea Handler was honoured last night at the Glamour Women of the Year Awards. She’s been on a steady ascent since hooking up with Jennifer Aniston’s publicist Stephen Huvane and becoming her best friend, non?

Her best friend presented the award to her at the event. And they’re like so tight and share everything and always hug and remember to tell each other how much they APPRECIATE each other, reminding themselves, always, to protect their POWER. On either side of a line?



Glamour Women of the Year are role models and inspirations, haven’t you heard???

Anyway, Jen wore black, and looked great with her side part and Chelsea should have considered a different jumpsuit, and yes, of course Justin Theroux was nearby, because they are never apart, he and Jen and the trailer for their movie Wanderlust was just released last week, have you seen it? This is where they fell in love. But Paul Rudd’s the one who makes it actually kinda bearable.