Jennifer Aniston joined Justin Theroux last night at the premiere of the third and final season of HBO’s The Leftovers. Everyone’s talking about her leather dress. She looks good in this leather dress. But I’m not feeling the makeup. Or the hair. I think the entire look could be elevated with a smokier eye and a hairstyle that’s a little more… decisive. This limp wave is doing nothing for me.

I’ve actually been thinking about Jennifer the last few days, ever since the end of Big Little Lies. Peak TV is an expression we’re going to be tired of saying by the end of this post, if not already. But the reason people keep talking about Peak TV is because TV is so f-cking good right now. And for the last decade or so, TV is where there’s been so much opportunity for women in particular – the decade or so, coincidentally, since Jennifer Aniston left TV to become a movie star.

Reese Witherspoon and Nicole Kidman just led a brilliant female television ensemble. Big Little Lies will undoubtedly be a factor at the Emmys. Big Little Lies has been, so far this short year, the big success story for HBO, a network that’s been at the forefront of Peak TV. Is there any HBO in Jennifer Aniston’s future? Or will she continue to be determined to become a movie star and… of course… win that Oscar?

Oscar is what both Reese and Nicole (comparable on fame and name recognition to Jennifer) already had before Big Little Lies and Peak TV. And in my opinion, I feel like that would be Jennifer’s preoccupation. That said, I’d like to be wrong. Because I think she’d be great in a limited drama series setting. I’d like to watch her unpack a character over 7-10, even 13, episodes. And, ultimately, I think that’s where you’d see a reset for her career and people would remember her for someone other than Rachel Green.