Jennifer Aniston joined Justin Theroux at the NY premiere of Zoolander No 2 last night. He also walked down the red carpet runway in character as Evil DJ.

As for Jen, it was announced recently that she’ll be producing and starring in a new movie called The Fixer, based on real life sports manager Denise White who was the subject for a 2014 article in Men’s Journal called The Woman Who Bails Out The NFL’s Bad Boys. Which is why people are already making comparisons to Sandra Bullock’s The Blind Side. She won an Oscar for her performance in that movie.

You can’t ignore the similarities. Jen and Sandy are both America’s Sweethearts. They’re rom-com experts. If this is the role that takes Jen to the Oscars, she’d be there, possibly winning, in her 40s, which is when Sandy did it too.

As for this dress last night…I hate it. It’s something I could see Catherine Zeta-Jones wearing. And the hair is making me crazy with the pieces falling into her face. Just pull it all back! God.