I don't love the word "cuddle". I put it on the same list as "fab" and "panties". Like super lame. But there's no other word I could think of to describe what Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux were doing last night on the red carpet at the Celebrity Charades Goes Medieval Gala in NYC. "Embracing" is too staid. "Nuzzling" is even grosser. Can you think of an alternative?

Lately we've been prepping our year-end wrap up shows. Biggest entertainment stories of 2015, newsmakers, scandals, you get it. I was reviewing an early list yesterday in a meeting - made up mostly of Caitlyn Jenner, breakups, nannies, Justin Bieber's dick, squads, and now Charlie Sheen. We were five minutes to the end of wrapping up, almost certain that we'd covered everything before we realised - oh yeah, Jennifer Aniston (finally) got married (secretly, sort of)!

It's been four months. And we haven't seen any exclusive photos from the wedding. We don't know what her dress looks like. Is it because she really wants to keep it private? Or is she like Beyoncé, hoarding until the perfect moment to drop for maximum advantage?

Also attached: Jennifer Aniston out in NYC earlier that afternoon.