Jennifer Aniston and boyfriend Justin Theroux are both tight with Ben Stiller who hosted Saturday Night Live this weekend. I’ve not seen it yet - good? Here they are on their way to and from the after-party celebrating Ben’s return to SNL. Ben is promoting Tower Heist. This, um, is another conversation. We’re also not talking about Jen’s being pregnant. Because many of you have been calling it since her hand and footprint ceremony in the summer. She wasn’t, obviously. And she spent last week talking about how she’s not “desperate” to be. So please stop projecting a baby into her womb even though she keeps insisting she eventually wants one there. With him? Are you sure? After all, Justin was with someone else, very, very, very recently, for 14 years. And look what happened.

Is it not considered AS reprehensible because they weren’t married, he and Heidi Bivens?

Heidi Bivens seems to be as heartbroken as an official wife, officially married or not. Apparently, the way Jen and Justin are flaunting their love all over New York, Heidi’s having a hard time with it. Click here for Celebitchy’s analysis on how the sh-t went down and the curious timing of Jen and Justin’s overlapping hook-up, even though they’ve managed to walk away unscathed from what smells like a homewrecking situation. (As you can see from the photos on Celebitchy, Justin’s eyebrows have always had the same character. A few of you keep asking...)

I don’t know if it’s fair not to take it as seriously just because the poor woman, after 14 years, didn’t have a piece of paper.

But Jen just looks so happy now. How can we possibly be mad at her for finding a new Chicken Soup Soul Mate? She’s FABULOUS IN HER 40s! And she deserves this!