Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux stepped out together in New York last night holding hands. So, now that breakup speculation is out of the way, it’s time to wonder – yet again – if she’s pregnant. Because she wore a loose sweater and her bag was in front of her midsection.

The last time she was pregnant, she wasn’t pregnant.

She’s been pregnant almost 200 hundred times. Only she was never pregnant.

Is she pregnant now?

I wrote yesterday in my Aniston post – click here for a refresher -- that the Brange is due for a big 2014. And that the only thing that might challenge them would be Jennifer Aniston baby. Think about it. Let’s say Angelina’s up for an Oscar. And Aniston goes into labour, cockblocking her potential win.

People lose their f-cking sh-t over babies.

It might be the greatest gossip move of all time. Are we Gossip Genie-ing this together?