I don’t think I’ve ever worn sunglasses in the rain. Why would you need to wear sunglasses in the rain? I live in Vancouver. I love Vancouver. Even when it rains. It rains a LOT in Vancouver. It rains all the time, sometimes for months on end, in Vancouver. Some Vancouver people always get pissy when Vancouver is described as a rainy city. This has always confused me. It is IN FACT a rainy city.It’s a beautiful city with the most spectacular views and it’s super fun when it rains and when it doesn’t rain, but it IS a rainy city. Why are we fighting about this?

You know what you do need in the rain? Obviously an umbrella. Which Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux did have with them. Along with their sunglasses in New York today. So it’s raining out, and that’s why you take your umbrella with you on your walk, but you also put your sunglasses on because...

1.It might get sunny later so you put them on as a pre-emptive sun move. Underneath your umbrella.
2.You smoked a joint and your eyes are red
3.You called the paps because everyone’s been on your side after Brad Pitt sh-ttalked you and you look better together in matching shades, we think we are such a cool couple.

Your choice is...?

Photos from Splashnewsonline.com