The Leftovers season 2 premiere in Austin on Saturday – Jennifer Aniston was there to support her husband on their first ever red carpet as a married couple; it happened exactly two months ago today. Two month anniversary? That’s wrong because an anniversary is annual. I once asked a smartass friend what the word for “month-iversary” was and she told me there isn’t one because it’s a stupid thing to celebrate.

As they were even before they got engaged, these two aren’t precious about showing up seen or unseen at each other’s events. This is the partnership. It’s a good partnership. Partnership is good for gossip. We study partnerships. Beyonce and Jay Z. Brange. Amal and George. Will and Jada. Ellen and Portia. The Beckhams. All of those partnerships have a very specific brand message though. And right now, the Aniston-Theroux brand message isn’t clear. That’s the next step. Like it has to be something more than good haircuts and “we only wear black”, you know?