Let me get this out of the way first:

Justin Theroux is the third star of Wanderlust after the leads Jennifer Aniston and Paul Rudd. Being as he’s also - and mostly - Jennifer’s boyfriend, he’s now generating some interest from media for profile interviews in support of the movie. There’s a piece on him in NY Mag, and, well, the photo that accompanies the article includes a glimpse at his bush tip.

As for what he says, Justin refuses to engage in any discussion about Jen because, like, privacy is important to him.

“I understand the curiosity, but other than saying I am happy, I am not going to indulge it. That’s building your own torture device.”

Which explains why he’s living with one of the most accomplished fame players in the game, right?

Then he goes on to talk about how his life has changed since he fell in love with America’s most popular ex-wife:

“(It’s like) having shoes that are slightly too heavy—it can slow you down and make you more cautious. I have to be okay with the fact that there’s a narrative that’s going to get written regardless of what is the truth. Right now, there’s a whole other me out there walking around, and I do everything in my power to avoid that guy, because that’s not who I am.”


Showing his bush tip like a business card identifying himself as Jennifer Aniston’s boyfriend isn’t who he is?

No, no, Justin is much more profound. Justin is a WRITER, you know? Writing is what keeps him whole Writing is what turns Jen on. Writing is why Jen was drawn to him. Because he’s just so f-cking deep:

“Writing provides great cover, so I can do the acting jobs I want. It’s harder and takes so freaking long, but to me it’s more satisfying. As a writer you’re the architect; as a director you design the interior; as an actor you are nothing but the leg of a table.”

OMG Jen! Like best analogy EVER, right? Click here to read the full post.

But the writer only gets a page. The actor, or the Major Celebrity, gets a cover. Jen and Paul Rudd cover GQ. She looks amazing. The article is full of ass smoke and all about why Paul loves Jen and therefore why everyone should all love Jen but, you know, as far as celebrity pimps go, I mean, you could do a lot worse than Paul Rudd. Also her body... I really, really like her body.


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