Still some big names participating in the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. Jennifer Aniston was nominated by Justin Theroux. And he poured her ice bucket too. So, yeah, we’re getting to the very, very top now. Once we’ve hit Jennifer Aniston, no matter what her box office looks like, we’re approaching the exclusives. I quite like this Aniston though. I like that we’re seeing a glimpse of what their chemistry is. That moment of affection between them at the end there, how tactile he is with her – it seemed real to me, and I believed it, even though I know she’s not new at this game.

And then there’s Matt Damon who has given us one of the best. Because he’s been advocating for providing clean water to those in developing countries. So he couldn’t possibly waste good water on his challenge…unless it’s from the toilet. Matt gives us a lesson. And then he takes the bucket. And then, because it’s supposed to work like this, as I wrote last week because that’s the chain link they’re supposed to follow – click here - for a refresher, yes, he nominated George Clooney. Who is busy planning his wedding. Just two or three more now.