No confirmation if they were actually “together” but Jennifer Aniston spent the weekend doing what she does best – sunning herself at a resort in Mexico and Orly Bloom happened to be there as well.

Jen and Orly hooking up?

If so, it’s a brilliant pairing. Jen of course is a sensitive one. Jen needs to talk, Jen loves to cry. And Orlando is most definitely the kind of boy who needs and loves to cry after sex. The kind of boy who will look at you postcoital with tears dotting his long lashes and ask to be held. The kind of boy who, just when you’re about to fall asleep, will feel the need to break down your likes and dislikes, and whether or not it was as beautiful for you as it was for him.

Amazing coupling. Love, love, love. And hope, hope, hope their weekend rendezvous was more than just coincidence.