After appearances promoting Marley in Paris and Rome, Jennifer Aniston and Owen Wilson were in Germany on Saturday, first at a photo call and then on the show Wetten Dass where Jen showed off those fabulous at 40!!!!! legs in a short white pouffy skirt under a well cut jacket teetering on a pair of hot heels. Sassy heels. Great sassy heels.

Fabulous at 40!!! has improved her footwear.

During the show, Owen lost a bet – something about a woman being able to identify dog breeds simply by hearing the way they drink water? – and so the two of them were made to eat dog biscuits.


How is this a challenge?

Every dog owner has eaten a dog biscuit. Probably several. They are tasteless. Not enough sugar.

As you can see, Jen once again has sewn herself onto Owen’s side. Always the left side. Must be her better side. That’s my better side too. For Mimi Carey I think it’s the right? Don’t tell me you don’t know yours. I won’t believe you.

Also – Jen on the cover of April Elle in a lovely photo shoot, beautifully styled, revealing that it is her life’s ambition to be a Bond Girl.

Thoughts on Aniston as a Bond girl? Check the poll.

And Jen on her own body:
'I am a realist. I know if I eat nothing but burgers, I'm not going to be hired for parts I normally would. I'd become a character actress. That might be fine one day but not right now.'

So…characters actresses are fat?

And, like, it’s a choice for her, is it? If she chose to, Jennifer Aniston actually thinks she has the chops to be a character actress?

All of a sudden she’s f-cking Cherry Jones?

Sit DOWN Aniston!

Pilates, sun tanning, great hair, a great ass, 40 and fabulous!!!, and a douchey young boyfriend. That’s all. Let’s not overreach.

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