Written by Duana

Jennifer Aniston’s oh-so talked about bob is cute and sophisticated and has the ability to make her look so fresh and reinvented. Not a moment too soon, obviously, but I think I get where she’s coming from…maybe. More on that in a second.

Scarlett Johanssen also has a lively new bob, that makes her look younger and older all at once. It’s fresh and yet it says ‘you can feel free to take me seriously’. Anne Hathaway deployed it to great effect back in the Get Smart days. I also feel like it would be a nice place for Emma Watson to go when she gets tired of her gamine cut – but I wonder if she can do it. I don’t know whether Hermione’s waves are her own or they’re cultivated, but the bob – she is a fickle mistress.

Scarlett might be able to maintain it for a bit – her hair is always fluffy in a subdued way. But with Aniston…oh, I know this girl’s pain. Her heritage is Greek, though she’s erased a lot of the evidence therein. And the long hair that she’s had forever – if I know anything about Mediterranean heritage – she was keeping it that way because it’s easier to keep the curl in check. The ‘Rachel’? That was a great haircut – but it was also a front, because to make it work you had to blow-dry the hell out of your hair and then spray it. At least, some of us did.

My hair can be professionally straightened and sprayed in place at 2 in the afternoon. By 8, it’s curling up at the ends, and in the morning, it looks like I got a body wave. You can only fight nature so much without looking like you’re wearing a straw hat. You realize, after a couple of poor haircuts (mine was a ‘mushroom’ back in grade 7 - I was trying to be Winona Ryder) that you have to ride the hair in the direction it’s going.

Whatever else about Aniston, I believe she enjoys her ‘just rolled out of bed this way’ image. And I’m telling you this cut is going to take a lot more attention. From one curly girl to another, I wish her luck.

Photos from Wenn.com and Charley Gallay/Gettyimages.com