Earlier this week, after attending the premiere of She’s Funny That Way, Jennifer Aniston was at the Sunset Tower for dinner. And so was Vince Vaughn, apparently having dinner with Jake Gyllenhaal. According to US Weekly, the two were happy to see each other, almost 10 years after they split.

Jen’s now married and Vince has been married since 2010 to Kyla Weber, with whom he has two children. As you know, Jen and Vince started dating on the set of their movie The Break Up; it was her first relationship after Brad Pitt. And there were all kinds of connections there. Vince had just come off co-starring with Brange in Mr & Mrs Smith. He was at the high point of his career. I remember people even tried to use his Wedding Crashers quote about his “imaginary friend Shiloh” as evidence that he’d be a formidable partner in their game of tit for tat.

We saw a contemplative Jen and Vince together on the beach; we wondered if they shouted at the ocean together.

The paps conveniently caught them making out on the rooftop of their Chicago hotel.

She wore knee length shorts and wedge sandals. It’s amazing the way wardrobe details can mark your romantic history, non?

After about a year though, Vince tapped out, uncomfortable with all the attention. And Jen has since found in Justin Theroux someone who’s much more willing to be her conspirator, who cares about the details as passionately as she does.