Is that why Jennifer Aniston wore a bridesmaid dress to The Switch premiere last night? I don’t care if it’s Lanvin. The way she’s wearing it she’s holding a bouquet and standing 3 girls from the bride. Especially with those shoes. Said it before, will say again, Jen has the worst shoe style for someone who claims they love shoes.

As for whether or not she actually went to Hilary Duff’s wedding – probably not, because Hilary Duff’s wedding EXCLUSIVE is being featured in the new issue of OK! Magazine, with official photos and cake details and dress details and even an interview with the couple, but no, no, NEVER, they would NEVER sell their Special Day to a tabloid, and you know if Jennifer Aniston had been present, they would never have shared that information either...

And what of The Switch?

I’ll post my full review later this week but for now, I need more Jeff Goldblum in my life. Every day I need some Jeff Goldblum.

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