Jennifer Aniston on the carpet last night at the premiere of He’s Just Not That Into You. A rare miss. Because you know the Aniston. The hair, the body, the tan, the glow…the Aniston is always working, the Aniston always looks good, the Aniston can’t afford not to look good. She doesn’t have much else.

But she supposedly spent Super Bowl Sunday with John Mayer and his friends. At a private house party. In fact, the party was SO private somehow one of the few guests ended up telling all about it. Jen and John hugged a few times and she helped clean up the kitchen.

Perhaps this explains her subpar appearance on the carpet. First of all, the sateen suit. Even with her body, even she looks lumpy in a sateen suit.

But the normally preternaturally preserved golden Jen looks puffy and old(er), non? It’s her face. Have never seen her face so bloaty. Bloaty from beer? Beer and potato chips? And too much sun? Whatever the reason, it was not the naked GQ Jen. And when she sees the photos today…

Who’s on starvation detox for the next 2 weeks?

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