Is not like Posh.

Posh goes to a wedding and upstages the bride. Jennifer Aniston, while riddled with insecurities of her own, wouldn’t violate Girl Code so flagrantly. But she is smart enough to show off those legs. Angie beats her in the face but Jen has better legs. Flaunting them at a wedding… it’s a great place to meet a man.

Here’s Jen with her main hair gay Chris McMillan arriving at the wedding of Kelsie Gigandet, also a stylist, and sister of Cam Gigandet who was the sexy bad vampire in Twilight. Jen, as usual, wore a little black dress hiked way up to her hoo hoo.

I like it. We need more of this. John Stamos will want some of this. Hooker, you need to call him.

Photos from SCOTT/CHRIS/