I might actually PVR this sh-t. If only to see how far Oprah jumps up Jennifer Aniston’s ass.

The show taped yesterday, will air today, and as you would expect, the two were as gushy feely as they’ve always been.

According to audience members, Jennifer’s words for the Brange were decidedly more kind and conciliatory than what she had to say in Vogue. When asked by Opesy about calling the Jolie “uncool”, Jen said she was simply being honest but did go out of her way to emphatically declare that she was happy for both Brad and Angelina and wished them well…especially HIM.

So why the brisk backpedal?

According to the Chicago Sun-Times, when Brad received word of the Vogue piece and, in particular, what his ex was dishing about his baby mother, he called her up and tore a strip off her ass…which of course resulted in Jen making amends on the Mighty’s couch. She also admitted she and John Mayer are together - and was apparently “glowing” about it.

Tabloid writers, of course, are losing their sh-t over this goldmine – a gift that keeps on giving.

So for those of you who say you’re tired of it all? Letting you know now that it won’t end. Because it sells. It’ll always sell. And because Jennifer Aniston won’t let it end. Because she keeps going. For a person who claims she wants privacy, she certainly talks about her personal life an awful lot.