Here’s a very blonde Jennifer Aniston in Greenwich, CT working on a new movie, “the untitled Elmore Leonard Project”. Last year it was announced that she and Dennis Quaid had signed onto a film adaptation of Leonard’s The Switch. Obviously they’re still trying to figure out what else to call it.

The movie/book is about two gangsters who hit up a billionaire by kidnapping his wife. Only the billionaire is a dickhead and won’t pay to get her back. So she works with the thugs to get revenge on her husband. According to IMDB, which I don’t always trust, Mos Def and John Hawkes and/or Will Forte play her kidnappers-turned-collaborators.

Anyway, Jen was also seen on set bundled up in bizarre outfit including a fedora. I really hope that’s not a costume. I really, really want those to be her own clothes.