Oh well now this is interesting...

Two weeks ago there was word that Jennifer Aniston had a new boyfriend. She and Justin Theroux decided to have dinner where she always has dinner, were spotted by the paps, then People Magazine was all over it about how her friends love him and how happy they are for her.

A reader called Sara wrote to me the other day about how she’d read some of Theroux’s past quotes, and, well, I’m including them for you here:

“It's like, once you've seen Tom Hanks win the Golden Globes, the Oscars, you've seen his wife, what kind of car he drives, when you watch his movies, you can't fully get really lost in them. I watched the movie Cast Away (2000). It's a perfectly fine movie. But you can never fully believe that movie. How can we believe this man is being cast away? We know it's Tom Hanks and we know the color of his couch in his house in L.A. because we saw a picture of it in People magazine. His celebrity has corrupted his art form.”

Substitute “Tom Hanks” with “Jennifer Aniston” and it’s essentially the same. And yet Deadline reported yesterday that Theroux has just signed with CAA. Looks like he wants to make a push with the acting side of his career.

Of course Jen is also repped by CAA. And of course, there was once a report that CAA used to look after Jen’s dates, that they’d call around, hitting up men in LA who could take her out, so that she wouldn’t look so desperate. One of the top guns at CAA is Kevin Huvane. His brother is Stephen Huvane. Stephen Huvane is Jennifer Aniston’s publicist.

Here’s something else that Justin once said:

“All the stuff with the World Trade Organization, the kids in Seattle throwing a bricks through Starbucks windows - I see it as a good thing. It's saying, like "F--k you." As long as no one's killing one another, I don't think there's anything wrong with throwing a brick through the window of McDonalds. I'm sort of inspired when I see people thinking like that.”

Sounds like someone no longer wants to be anti-establishment. Sounds like someone wants to join the Firm. When you date Jennifer Aniston, you don’t get to call yourself an outsider anymore. And then the big boys at the big agency decide that they want you.

This photo that was taken at Soho House (Jason Sudeikis is on the other side of Aniston) the other night after the MTV Movie Awards – you know, it’s far from being by accident, right? There’s often only one in house photographer on site at a party like this. Photographers are not allowed into private events unless they’ve been previously approved and they don’t just free shoot right up into the stars faces. What happens is that the event’s publicist, or Soho House’s publicist, or whoever might be running media that night, will ask the celebrity if they would mind posing for a photo. Sometimes, as in the case of Leonardo DiCaprio, if he’s in a certain mood, it will be made clear upon his arrival that he is NOT to be approached the entire night for a photo.

Where Aniston is concerned then? They not only approved of this photo, they would have had an active hand in making that happen. Now we wait and see. How long before Justin Theroux is cast in a few new movies? With that kind of personality though, how long before he tires of becoming known chiefly as Jennifer Aniston’s Boyfriend?

Photo from Kevin Winter/Jordan Strauss/Gettyimages.com